Monday, November 12, 2007

Just back from Florida. Plane was late, freeway was closed, cat is plotting revenge--yup, everything's normal.

Iowa Caucuses same night as Orange Bowl.

And? Turkeys are 6-5 and will get a bowl game somewhere even though they suck moose, but it's not going to be a January game, and ISU's season is done this week (although I'm really proud of them for winning TWO conference games--they really turned it on mid-season). Oh, wait, national media might be devoted to the game instead of the caucus...

At least Hillary won't be telling people how she always loved the Turkeys growing up in Illinois, where she also loved the Yankees.

(Only thing I'm going to say about SNF is that when Al Michaels said it was "crazier than the Iowa caucus" I was still sober enough to laugh. After the wedding we did a lot of shots...)

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