Sunday, December 2, 2007


Christians in Iraq are being exterminated by Muslims, and it's all George Bush's fault. Iraq under Saddam was a haven! Our troops caused all the violence! And in the very last paragraph: Islam isn't bad because Christianity used to be bad. Lovely.

I'm surprised any MSM outlet bothers to address Christian persecution by Muslims. The other stuff doesn't surprise me one bit.

If our military had realized violence against Iraqi Christians was going to increase after the start of the war, yeah, they should have done more to protect churches and clergy. But I'm not sure anyone realized Iraqis would simultaneously reject Baathist totalitarianism and embrace Islamic totalitarianism. Seems odd.

(At least if the Colts choke today, I won't have to keep seeing that 60 Minutes promo...always looking on the bright side, I am).

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