Friday, February 15, 2008

And Happy F-ing Valentine's Day

Migrants hold mass wedding near border:

TIJUANA, Mexico (Reuters) - Nearly 600 Mexican couples tied the knot in a mass Valentine's Day wedding by the U.S. border on Thursday, many of them undocumented migrants who met while working illegally in the United States.

Maybe I'd be more attractive to men if I broke more laws. *srednop*
"Isn't she gorgeous? I love her!" said Inocencio Felix of his new wife Angelica Perez, 36, dressed in a flouncy white wedding gown. Perez was deported by U.S. immigration officials two weeks ago from the state of Oregon, where the couple met.

Felix, also living in the United States illegally, said he came back to the Mexican border city of Tijuana, across from San Diego, voluntarily for the mass open-air wedding.

"We're going to go back to the United States soon, our life is there," he said, holding a heart-shaped pink balloon.

We'll be awaiting your application at the embassy, Inocencio...make sure you've had a TB shot, OK?

I've had a bit of a discussion this week with a college friend in California about McCain's immigration plans, which he thinks are "ahead of the curve." He thinks the amnesty is a good thing, and we really don't have enough American workers with less than a high school education. I told him to come walk by the liquor store parking lot near my office. He doesn't believe illegals are committing crimes, either--and maybe they aren't killing law enforcement officers in cold blood or committing hit-and-run vehicular homicide (DUI, of course) in his fashionable suburb of Sacramento. Wisconsin seems to be quite different.

We do agree that we need to make it easier for educated people--people who will be making enough money to pay income taxes--to get here legally without waiting several years. The best doctor I've ever had was from Ghana, educated in London, waited five years--anyone like her who wants to come here should be much more welcome than they are.

[Our main disagreement is over whether or not I should fall in line and vote for McCain next Tuesday. Huckabee can't get enough delegates, so screw it! I'll write in whoever I want! And we'll talk about November when I see who his running mate is.]

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