Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Well. This is disturbing.

In the mornings, I start the coffee and then hit the shower. When I emerged this morning, I caught Satan's Little Helper licking ground coffee off the scoop. Last thing I need, a caffeinated cat...although he seems to be napping right now. No doubt he's recharging for major mayhem after breakfast.

(Two Lumps was relevant this morning, too.)

I'm taking a personal day due to snow, after calling some people already into work about the roads and calling some others who said they were staying home. Which sucks because lately I feel a need to make maximum money this year to save for living expenses after the Clinton/Obama/McCain/Huckabee 2009 Tax Hike leaves me unemployed and/or without enough post-tax income to pay my way (which is what they want--more people dependent on government for basic needs). OTOH, if I crunch my car (more likely, if someone who didn't clear the snow off their windshield or turn signals before driving 60 mph down Teutonia crunches my car), it will cost more to fix than I'd make today...

Anyway. I'm going to clean the kitchen and bathroom now, so at least I won't enjoy my break from pressing buttons.

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