Friday, March 21, 2008


I love it! If this is global warming, bring it ON!!

Some of the shallower potholes provided excellent traction on my unplowed (and thus unsalted) commute home, the dead dog in the middle of the road (well...what's left of him after ten days, poor little guy) is covered and will get pushed to the side, and I even had the delicious thrill of steering the Buick around a Prius that failed to get traction in an intersection. ;)

The only part that annoys me is all the whining and crying about "but it's not supposed to snow." Pffft. I have dozens fond memories of snow in the Midwest in "spring" on Easter, after Easter, in April, during spring break, after spring break.... I have beautiful pictures--on film--of snow covering the daffodils at Iowa State during Veishea. My family moved to my hometown the April I was 7--I went to school for two days then had two days off because of snow (I thought we'd finally moved to Valhalla, only to have my poor little spirit crushed the next week when I had to go five days in a row).

"Not s'posed to." Please.

Meanwhile, I'm happier than I've been in weeks. :)

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