Sunday, April 6, 2008

Can't enough of that wonderful Duff!

Tomorrow is Beer Day in Milwaukee and Wisconsin and around the nation (I'm not linking to anything that mentions swill brewed in St. Louis), celebrating the legal availability of beer at the end of Prohibition (interesting which subsets of fascism people clamor for and against, is it not?).

I found some places to go this summer, including the re-enactment of the celebratory parade in Cross Plains.

Pity poor Iceland--their prohibition on beer lasted 75 years, ending in 1989.

Pabst is re-launching Schlitz in Chicago, which I find interesting in a "huh?" way.

And, heh, I was at a birthday party last night where guests contributed a range of New Glarus and Sam Adams products, Killians, Guinness--and a case of Miller Chill. The dork who brought it was actually surprised at the end of the evening to learn he was the only party-goer who touched it. There's always one...don't be that guy.

(My beer contribution was in the form of a chocolate stout cake. I don't like stouts. I can't sit and drink dark, heavy beers. But that's the best chocolate cake in my repetoire.)


buzz said...

Chocolate Stout Cake?! Good grief, woman, you cannot post such things without more detail!

HeatherRadish said...

Conservative geek? I thought I was the only one...

I can't give away my recipe--people invite me to parties because I bring cake. :)