Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Insert 'sac' joke here

We interrupt the Greying Drama Queen* saga for an important news item...
INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning had a medical procedure Monday to remove an infected bursa sac from his left knee.
F-Pat fans rejoice, like the Fuligo septica they are.
Colts president Bill Polian announced the procedure, described as routine, on Monday night. Polian said the team's medical staff expects Manning to have "a full and complete return to action" in four to six weeks. Colts training camp begins July 25.
The Hall of Fame game is in 19 days (not that I'm looking forward to watching it on NBC or anything)...in addition to the Maytag Man, the roster has an undrafted rookie and the guy who got intercepted by Ellis Hobbs to lose the 2004 Indepedence Bowl (I can make anything come back to the cardinal and gold, I can).
Manning has started 160 straight games dating back to the first game of his rookie season. He has the longest streak in the league if Brett Favre remains retired.
Suddenly, I understand why #4 reneged on the whole retirement thing, although I still think maybe he shoulda thought about that in March.

And then there's this, which makes me wonder if Manning's had some concussions the rest of us didn't know about.
"I'm going into my 11th year. I'm 32, but I really feel I'm in a younger body than that," Manning said last week. "I feel I'm in a 28-year-old body because I've had great protection from my offensive line. I feel that's hopefully going to allow me to play a number of more years."
He's completely forgotten 1998! That can't be good.

* At the risk of getting chased into Illinois by pitchfork-wielding fans, I have to say that whole Fox News thing was attention-seeking on a Spears-Lohan-Winehouse level. Next stop: flashing the paparazzi...


Steve Burri said...

Infected bursa... Ha!

Sources in Foxboro told me that they secretly videoed Marvin shooting Peyton in the leg.

HeatherRadish said...


About this time every summer, I get an instant message from this one friend to the effect of "OMG! MARVIN HARRISON WAS IN A CAR ACCIDENT!"

It worked the first time...