Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thoughts on the Milwaukee Massacre

The Iowa State Cyclones Football page at Wikipedia contains no information at all about 1979-1994. For good reason (representative sample...I tried to find a reference to the 1991 Sports Illustrated cover that named ISU the "worst football team in NCAA history" but Google sucks).

When I lived in Indianapolis, I would joke that Iowa State was a good preparation for watching the Colts. I wasn't really joking, but since no one this side of the M'sippi had ever heard of Iowa State (thank you, Larry Eustachy *spit*), they just laughed.

So...yeah. I should have known not to expect too much from perennial lovable losers when I move to town. Not sure what happened the past few weeks.

The usual coping mechanism is to wait for the next season to start--chanting "Sweet 16" at the Hawkeyes, that sort of thing. Jim Sorgi's big day is Sunday already!

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