Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Heh. Heh heh.

Nelson Muntz, call your office.

What could be worse than Wal-Mart?

I thought "progressives" loved recycling. *snicker* It's for Teh Planet, people! Everyone needs to suffer to save Teh Planet, whether you like it or not, and you think you deserve an exemption because you hate WalMart?

Gutfield: "People who hate Walmart really hate the success that's eluded themselves." I'm guessing that's also a reason to hate a recycling facility that turns a profit instead of sucking up tax dollars.

On second thought, it's less funny than it is disgusting.

(I've had an apartment across the street from WalMart in two different Iowa college towns; the traffic wasn't half as bad as when I lived behind the upscale Fashion Mall. Dear God.)


Endsville said...

Hmm, you realize Wal-mart sucks up more tax dollars than creates general wealth, right? You understand that Wal-mart employees don't make enough money to afford insurance so they're forced to sign up for medicaid, right?

HeatherRadish said...

Hmm, you understand they pay more taxes than they "suck up", right? Hmm, you understand not every employee needs insurance through their job 'cause they get it through their parents, their spouse, their pension from their previous employment, or they're already on Medicare, right (hmm, you understand tying 'insurance' to employment helped create the stupid illusion that no one should have to pay for their own health care, right?)? Hmm, you understand that no one is forced to work at WalMart by anything other than their own choice or insuitability for other work, right (oh, wait, "progressives" don't understand that people can live without a progressive or a bureaucrat micromanaging them....)? Hmm, you understand that WalMart wages are in many places higher than wages for work requiring similar education and hours? (I'm trying to remember which political campaign was paying its workers 30% less than WalMart...Edwards, was it?)

Also, I'm sure you noticed that when the federal minimum wage went up, the first that happened was people who weren't worth $7.15/hr stopped getting hired. Hmm, you do understand that $6/hr is better than $0/hr, right? Especially when $0/hr has no chance for advancement?

So, understanding those things, did you have a point you were trying to make?

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Amy said...

Heather pretty much said it all.

Good retort.