Saturday, September 27, 2008

Elections around the world...

Before you start wishing Sarah Palin would show up in a dirndl, thank all the gods we don't have to see Joe Biden or John McCain in leather shorts. *shudder*
To make matters worse, the wife of Bavarian governor G√ľnther Beckstein, Marga Beckstein, refused to wear any kind of Dirndl to the opening day of this year's Oktoberfest, breaking a long-held tradition for Bavarian First Ladies.

Her move may be understandable given that she hails from the Bavarian city of Nuremberg where the women don't traditionally wear Dirndls. But it has proved so controversial in Munich circles that it is being referred to as "Dirndl Gate" and could cost her husband much-needed votes in the Bavarian regional election on September 28.

I didn't even like having to see the photos of Obama rising from the surf like a scrawny Venus. But please--someone dress him up in blaze orange. That's the best part of the whole election season, the Dem nominee pretending to be familiar with masculinity, and that they're part of a culture they despise.

(Which reminds me, I have find my orange hat and look up which state parks are having a deer harvest this year...I just don't want my big butt being mistaken for venison.)

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