Wednesday, September 3, 2008

October 2

The only scheduled debate between vice-presidential candidates is October 2. I hope Biden shows up. ;)

You know what has really stuck out the past few days? Urban/suburban folks--especially in the media--like to go on about how they're smart and sophisticated and rural folks are naive mouthbreathers, but the ones making the most noise seem to have lived really sheltered lives. Change-of-life babies, older sisters babysitting (hi Joel!), nieces and nephews going to preschool with their aunts or uncles--there is nothing going on in the Palin family that doesn't happen outside of major metropolitan areas everywhere.

Except maybe the PTA. Does MPSD have a PTA? That's not a joke, really...

Much has been made about the "hypocrisy" of supporting Bristol Palin while "condemning inner city women who bear children out of wedlock." Hey, if 2012 rolls around and Bristol has one or more additional children out of wedlock with one or more different men who are nowhere to be found, I'll be the first to say, "Wow...that's just wrong." I've never condemned anyone who had an accident, only people who don't learn after the first 2-3 accidents, and people who encourage their behavior. And it's not a "racism" thing as the snide comments imply--there are plenty of dumb white women with 3 kids by 4 men.

(And hey, if any boy who wasn't my cousin had given me any attention in high school, I could have been in Bristol's situation. No condemnation here.)

Best comment: Tonight, she showed how to field dress Democrats. Heh, after Fred Thompson made the comment Tuesday about field dressing moose, I got a mental picture of the Obama staff Googling "field dress" to try to understand why moose need women's clothes.

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Steve Burri said...

Ya don't bother to field dress Democrats... There's no meat.