Saturday, September 20, 2008


I'm just going to start sending this (the quote AND the link) as a reply to all those stupid "Sarah Palin's an evil c*** who will destroy us all" forwards.

"Halp us, Barak Obammy! We r stuk in fli-over cuntree!"

I'd send information about O deploying his blackshirts to shut down Chicago talk radio when he doesn't like what's being said about him, but no one's going to read that. It contradicts what they already believe in their hearts.

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Roland Melnick said...

I listened to Dr. Rosenberg interview Stanley Kurtz. The best part of the show were the Obamanauts calling in with nothing to say but what they downloaded from quite funny. Kurtz raises some good questions, but it was obvious they were rushing to get him on before he had a chance to delve into the papers at UIC.

Rosenberg, from what I've seen, is no "neocon", but you don't need to be to feel the wrath...just ask Don Imus.