Friday, November 7, 2008

The sun came up this morning...

At work yesterday, one of my co-workers--not a hopey-dopey-change O-bot, more of a "because he's black" and "doesn't mind paying taxes to improve other people's lives"* voter--remarked that I was "taking the election really well."

I thought, "Heh, you don't know I have a blog."

I did have to turn the radio and computer off for two days. I played my favorite X-Files drinking game: every time you see a portrait of Bill Clinton or Janet Reno in the FBI offices, drink! I also played some Civilization--I was Stalin of Arabia, a madrassah in every city and anyone who didn't convert to Communism was destroyed. Catharsis.

I'm not going to be a total vulgar violent asshole like the moonbats have been for the past eight years, but I'm going to enjoy throwing spitballs. Anyone on the street asking me for a dollar will be told to go ask Barack Obama, because he's got all my dollars. Anyone complaining about their electric bill tripling will be told it's their own damn fault, or did they think O was lying when he said he was going to close coal-fired plants? Etc, etc.

Plus, Joe Biden. I laugh everytime I hear his name.

* I can't see how the extra thousands of dollars I'll be out when the Bush tax cuts expire make anyone's life better. Those checks the government sent out last spring? They just buy earrings, they don't "pay down every bill every month."

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