Friday, November 7, 2008

Married to the government II

Unmarried women voted 70-30 for Obama. John Miller at NRO wonders if they'll be given a media label, "bitter unmarried women."

As a card-carrying bitter unmarried woman (I gots Moral Authority, yo), I approve. Label 'em. Make them own it.

I've ranted about this at length before, and now my perspective has changed--I really do believe women want the government to be some combination of husband and daddy (how icky is that *shudder*). Government will put a roof over their head, pay their doctor bill, fund their retirement--but better than a real husband, government won't leave the toilet seat up or get angry when you start sleeping around.

I'm digusted. Please don't judge me by the actions and attitudes of my insecure lazy sisters.


Shoebox said...

or get angry when you start sleeping around

I don't see an acceptance of infidelity. In fact, quite the opposite. While not single, take a look at how they treated Palin when she dared tried to "move out of the sisterhood!"

HeatherRadish said...

Oh, I meant Government doesn't get pissed when they have sex with someone who isn't Government, unlike most real husbands. "Leaving the sisterhood" is a rant for another day...

stuffed said...

It used to be 'mothers and Congress' who screwed everything up. Now, it's singles and Congress?

I'm just gonna go around blaming arrested adolescence.