Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fraud, corruption, bribes, etc.

I wasn't going to comment on the Alderman McGee thing, and then when I read this article about the Milwaukee police officer/Mexican national being arrested for using a fraudulent identity to live and work here illegally, I remembered this article from the American Thinker about how bribery and corruption is the whole heart of the Mexican bureaucratic system.


a) McGee's initial offense was demanding money in exchange for getting residents' applications for city licenses approved. They may have been approvable on their own merits, but they weren't getting approved without his under-the-table "cost of doing business".
b) It's just accepted in Mexico and other Western Hemisphere countries that if you don't give government officials money to put in their own pockets, you're not going to get your license.
c) Large swaths of U.S. society enthusiastically embrace the plan to import teeming hordes of people from Mexico and similar countries.
d) The teeming hordes show no interest whatsoever in assimilating into the American system, and their champions show no interest in expecting them to assimilate.

I conclude that a) the American culture is going to degrade to the point where everyone expects to hand cash over to government officials--not the government--to get permits, etc., just like elsewhere in the Western Hemisphere; and b) if McGee had just waited 3-5 years, no one would have blinked twice at him expecting thousands of dollars to approve a gas station permit, much less charged him with a crime (the solicitation of murder--maybe. Could go either way.)

I'm finding this conclusion more disturbing than the various "you crackers are all out to keep a good black man down" rhetoric I'm reading/hearing. I think I've become desensitized to it over the past year since I moved to Milwaukee. I don't have TIME to keep anyone down--ask the cat. I do wonder what it feels like to call a man who threatens to kill the mother of his unborn baby a "good man" but that's not really germane to the corruption discussion.

This new stuff today about election fraud and vote buying--also very Third World. McGee's just ahead of the trend. Or behind it--$5/vote? My dad got offered that in Cook County (IL) in the 70s (even though he was a student with 1.5 kids, I doubt he thought twice before refusing). Fraud ain't keeping up with inflation.

But that's my take: In ten years, this McGee corruption charges will seem downright quaint.

I really hope I'm wrong.

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