Thursday, June 7, 2007

God help me, I agree with Al Sharpton

Well, half agree. That's still enough to make me queasy.

NEW YORK (AP) - The Rev. Al Sharpton denounced Paris Hilton's release from jail on Thursday, saying it had "all of the appearances of economic and racial favoritism."

"I think that it's both another glaring display of how race and money seem to get different treatments. There seems to be a different criminal justice system for some than others," Sharpton said.

I don't think race was as much a factor as money. Poor, obscure, dumb white women don't get to leave with an ankle bracelet.

Now, if Oprah drives drunk and has to serve all 45 days, THEN RevAl and I are in total agreement. I somehow don't think she'll consent to take part in my social experiment.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Maybe I declared allegiences too soon.

I like Iowahawk's immigration policy, except I would deport all Cubs, and anyone sleeping with Gisele Bundchen (this must be done before Week 9). Hey, it's not like I'd ask him to pardon wealthy campaign donors....

(Unrelated, I am curious about the family history of a blonde woman with a German surname from Brazil. *cough*)


Wishing people a "Happy D-Day" doesn't sound right, but I like to mark it every year. I miss Charles Schulz's annual Peanuts tribute; I don't have time this morning to poke around the intertubes for a picture of Snoopy on Omaha Beach so just imagine it. :)

This week, the Senate is authorizing the invasion of the U.S. It's eerie. We used to be darn near invincible; lately we've caved from within.

In other news, I signed on as a Friend of Fred. I don't expect him to win the nomination, but if his candidacy can push Guliani into recognizing that the Bill of Rights isn't a "privilege" and keep him from screwing over rural America, that's good enough for me.

Monday, June 4, 2007


Teachers find plenty of fun summer jobs

But when they complain about their annual teaching salary, don't you DARE point out that it's only for 9 months' work.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Funniest thing I've seen in weeks.

"Focus like the Proverbial Laser."

Hillary Clinton used this phrase during the debate tonight (which I did not watch, because I don't have cable).

If anyone can find an actual proverb about lasers--with some sort of documentation about where you've seen it used in print or film--I'll buy you a fine local microbrew.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Breaking: Terror Plot at Kennedy Airport

Just a nuisance, like prostitution and NCAA tournament pools.

The suspects must be Lutheran. No?

Obviously they only wanted to blow up JFK as a reaction to BushHitlerMcChimpy's illegal invasion and occupation of...Trinidad? Guyana? Oh.

I'm heavy on the sarcasm today because, like moonbats and KosKidz, I'm questioning the timing, and that bothers me. The investigation has been going on for almost 18 months, and the arrests take place while Congress and Bush are colluding on a plan to open the borders, ignoring the national security implications that should have smacked them in the face after we learned that three of the Fort Dix Six came across the Mexican border illegally.

This is weird. In the 90s, I knew Clinton didn't give a crap about anything but his own popularity, but at least most other elected officials were concerned about the future of the American people. Now very few of them give a crap about the current citizenry or the future of the country, and it scares me.

At least there are still some people in law enforcement who care. And the NY Times doesn't know about them....

Ignorance really is bliss. I wish I was the kind of woman who can't be interested in anything more profound than clothes and makeup and shopping and celebrity gossip.

Curse you, intertubes!

I had a HUGE post about the 2000 Iowa caucus, farm art, and Hillary Clinton, but Blogger ate it. There's three hours of my life I want back...