Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy Armed Forces Day!

Cox and Forkum have a history and links to good stuff (and a great cartoon, as usual!). I dumped some of my excess cash off at Project Valour-IT.

My grandfather, father, both brothers-in-law (one currently in the USAF and frequently deployed to Qatar), my mother's three brothers, a great-aunt, and at least six great-uncles have all served at least one enlistment since 1941--Army, Navy, and Air Force (Grandpa was Army Air Corps). AND my little brother just graduated from BCT and is Texas undergoing further training for the National Guard. I'm intensely proud of him.

Someday I will blog some family stories, especially from WWII.

Not hard to figure out why I grew up to be so fiercely pro-America, is it?

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