Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It's not about beer. Or cars.

Excellent op-ed, until the final sentence. Best sentence:
Banning beer in the clubhouse will prevent drunk driving the same way making grandmothers throw out their shampoo before they get on an airplane prevents terrorism.

Wow, someone groks the futility of the TSA!
It's much more responsible to drink 15 beers and take a cab home than to drink five and drive.

It's not about the beer. It's about the car.

Not quite. The car is fine without the beer, just as the beer is fine without the car. It's about a reckless disregard for the physiology of the human body and laws of physics, not to mention the law of the land (admittedly, that last one is a lousy deterent). It's about a stupid belief that you're different, that you're better than the slobs in the stands. It's about arrogance and terrible judgement.

I'm not just saying that because I hate the Cardinals (although I do). I said much the same stuff about Super Bowl MVP (you know he was!) Dominique Rhodes when he was arrested for DUI in March.

In other news, Brewers win 9 of the last 11! 24 home runs in the past ten games! Bratwurst won today's sausage race, although he's yet to win this year when I'm in attendance. *sniff*

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