Monday, July 23, 2007

Polite arsonists...

Milwaukee police are investigating the burning of about 17 garbage carts on the city's north side overnight.

The person or persons responsible pulled the carts away from cars and garages so only the carts were damaged.

How considerate!

I feel sorry for kids who grow up in the city--Shorewood, 'Tosa, and Pewaukee as well as the north side. I set my share of stuff on fire as a teenager, along with all my friends, and since all my friends lived on farms, it was generally legal (or, at least, no tax dollars were involved). We'd end up in a pasture or a ditch miles away from town with a stack of broken snow fence or a pile of stumps that someone's dad was going to burn anyway, and just let go. All the psychopathology, none of the criminal record.

City kids don't get that.

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