Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I shouldn't blog when I'm in a bad mood, but I got home from a really long horrible day at work followed by a really long horrible drive to Brookfield to pick up my sewing machine from its yearly tune-up, followed by some really horrible pizza, and this bit is in my e-mail:

Somali muslims blame the collapse on Bush and liken America to a crumbling, Third World country

No one forced you to come here (hell, we didn't even ask you to come here). If you don't like it here, GO BACK.

I'm sure the bridges in Somalia are brand-new titanium alloys or something...

(Incidentally, everytime I drive through Brookfield, Pewaukee, etc, and see all the conspicuous consumption, I start to understand why people cream their jeans when Hillary Clinton stands up and vows to "take things away from you." If I'm driving an antique used Buick with no AC and living in a shitty apartment on the northside, no one should be allowed to have a nice house in a gated neighborhood!!

Then I realize how completely fucking STUPID that is. Especially since she only wants to tax income, not assets, so the people with the McMansions will be fine and I'll never get to drive a car with AC.)

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