Saturday, August 18, 2007

I could write this post every day.

I swear I read this same article, with different dead children, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The man accused of running a stop sign and causing a crash this week that killed a 17-year-old Port Washington boy is an illegal immigrant who was convicted in Wisconsin in December of first-offense drunken driving, authorities confirmed Friday.

DECEMBER! Why the !*&$(#! is this is piece of crap still in Wisconsin?!?

The article is headlined "Identity of fugitive confirmed", but I'm inclined to doubt that:

An arrest warrant has been issued for Carbajal-Lile, 27. The Sheboygan County Sheriff's Department says he may be en route to Mexico. The U.S. Border Patrol has been alerted regarding his status as a fugitive. Carbajal-Lile's last known address is in Fredonia.

He uses a number of aliases, including: Eddie Carbajal; Eddie Lile; Eddie Carbajal-Farvies; Negro Carbajal; Negro Carbajal-Lile; and Negro Lile.

Why does an "honest, hard-working immigrant" need seven names? Committing the fraud Americans won't commit?

We've already got more than enough Americans committing murder, thanks.

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