Saturday, August 4, 2007

I think this pretty much proves that "environmentalism" is really about destroying Western Civilization:

The Western World's dependence on flush toilets could be its environmental downfall.

Toilets that use less water, such as the "squat toilet" in which one squats over a hole in the ground, are prevalent in parts of Asia, Europe and Africa.

!#$^%* My grandparents didn't scrimp and struggle to educate my parents, who didn't scrimp and struggle to educate ME, just so that I could go back to shitting outside in a hole in the ground like an animal (the resident animal reminds me that even HE doesn't shit outside). Yes, that was good enough for my ancestors, but that was because indoor plumbing was too freaking expensive for small farmers to install out in the middle of nowhere. Not a problem in the 21st century. You can even find flush toilets in the forest!

Not to mention raw sewage floating through the streets was the biggest threat to public health for most of Western Civilization's history. Of course, lately, "public health" means bitching about McDonald's and making women feel like shit when their baby doesn't latch on to the nipple and they have to feed him with a bottle; they're not concerned with anything mundane like stopping thousands of deaths from preventable diseases.

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