Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Stop snitchin'" is the fault of...whom?

Another quilter I used to admire until they came down with industrial-grade BDS.

We wonder why the whole teenaged society has adopted the “don’t snitch” policy that was mentioned on 60 Minutes last night. In my opinion, CBS got one thing wrong. This distrust of authority has been fostered by our society. It is not just a phenomenon of the poor or the immigrant societies. The biggest contributor to this fear was summed up in a bumper sticker I saw weeks ago. It addresses the political tripe of “family values.”

Family Values Is Having Your Brother Steal the Election for You.


People "of color" are refusing to cooperate in investigations into crime plaguing their neighbors and themselves--even the senseless accidental slaughter of children--because they're following the example of George Bush winning the 2000 election?

I'm not sure what's funnier: the idea that Bush is some sort of criminal mastermind or the idea that the entire street-wise hip-hop culture is aping a fictionalized "disregard for the law" attributed to a Yalie from a patrician white family.

No, I lied, that second idea is the funnier. I get a mental image of Flip Wilson saying, "W made me do it!"

Anyway, please, tell me about how refusing to tell the police who shot the four-year-old when they meant to shoot you is a "family value" our society should be encouraging. I tend to think obstructing justice is a crime.


The Vegas Art Guy said...

It's the fault of my parents generation who decided that tradtional families were not needed (welfare) and that authority was to be despised. I really think the 60s were the worst decade in US history. The only saving grace from that 10 years is MLK jr., the moon shot and the 68 Charger with big ole V8.

thelmasmith said...

Hey, Radish,

It's not just people of color who are sick of the corruption of the ruling class.

Try thinking about why people are finding the authority figues in out society, no matter who they are, or what color they are, untrustworthy.