Sunday, September 30, 2007

Football Odds and Ends

  • Spent all day obsessing over not obsessing over ISU @ Nebraska, but it wasn't so bad. They racked up 415 yards and only lost by 2.5 TDs. Stop laughing; it's usually more like 6 TDs when they're in Lincoln.
  • Also pleased the BigXII North aren't the pushovers the media painted them as at the beginning of the year; two big wins over teams from the South. Go State!
  • Bret Favre needs to get a TD today so I can stop hearing about it. I don't remember Peyton Manning getting this much coverage when he broke a Marino TD record in 2004. But I was living in Kurt Warner's hometown that year; there wasn't much coverage of any QB not named Kurt. And Peyton had the bad fortune of making the TD on the day Reggie White died, and even that headline got deprecated for reports on the tsunami.
  • I've always liked Kelly Holcomb. Nice to see him starting again.


Steve Burri said...

Shameless, I say, shameless self plug over on Dr. Sanity's comment section! Good job!

You now live in Wisconsin. You have a cat that is identical to one of ours (Pepsi). What I have read here is pretty good. I will have to return to read some of the interesting September post titles. The added traffic shouldn't overload your server.

Cheers, you shameless self-promoter!

HeatherRadish said...

*grin* Thank you.