Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I could use a new ride...

Now I'm more upset than usual about being too ugly to get married. I want a house and an SUV, not to mention all that tax-free life-insurance money...

OK, that was sarcasm, but this isn't: The thing that's pissing me off about this murderer's enablers and fans--the Oprah-fication of America--is that they end up tarring all women with the same brush. Women are psychologically fragile! Women are emotional and wholly incapable of logical thought and rational actions! Women can't be held responsible for their actions--they have UTERUSES (uteri?) and that makes them incapable of self-control. Etc. Speak only for yourselves, brain-dead bimbos--some of us are better than that.

And it's WOMEN perpetrating this bullshit--the exact same bullshit beliefs that were used for centuries to keep women from voting, owning property, working outside the home (except for spinsters who were allowed to teach and poor women who had no choices but domestic work, factory work, or prostitution), having their own checking accounts, etc. All those things were debunked in the early 20th century, ladies--do you MIND?

I'm pretty sure sometime before I was born there was a feminism that said women were individuals, just like men, and should be allowed to own stuff and use their talents as they see fit, just like men, but didn't consider men an enemy to be fought and killed (probably 19th century feminism), and didn't consider the uterus to be a source of excuses for personal failings. At some point, I absorbed this attitude from my aunt, my dad, and their family (my mother's still upset I didn't major in elementary ed...just living in a dorm full of el ed majors dropped my IQ 15 points...).

Let's go back to THAT.


Dave said...

Beauty is a 12 letter word.

What's the difference between Andrea Yates and Daryl Holton?

HeatherRadish said...

Besides "I had to Google Daryl Holton" and Yates was on the news every night for months on end? Looks like people took the side of the kids in that case instead of the side of the mother.

I haven't had the time/resources to look into this, but I'd bet money that women who killed their own children before 1972 (in ways that can be proven; serial poisoners were hard to detect, especially if they moved between children) got much, much harsher treatment from society than Yates or other women who kill their own children. In 1972, it was pretty much decided women are allowed to end their children's lives if they feel like it.

Slightly different than allowing a woman who shot a sleeping adult in the back to roam free because that darn uterus makes women so incapable of rational thought. *rolls eyes*