Monday, September 10, 2007

National Day of Sanctimonious Self-Congratulation

A friend of mine is off work tomorrow, September 11, for the "National Day of Caring."

To mark the anniversary of a catastrophic mass murder of Americans by Islamic radicals hell-bent on destroying our entire civilization, lefties are going to ignore the horrific mass murder and the Islamic radicals and make themselves feel warm and fuzzy about how AWESOME!!1! they are by painting the houses of old people, reading to children, mopping the floor at the food bank--you know, the kind of stuff every decent able American should be doing more than once a year whether anyone declared war on us or not.

I've nothing against businesses giving paid time off for charitable work; I think that's a pretty good idea...year-round.

But putting your head in the sand while you pat yourself on the back because you CARE!!1! more than us horrible conservative monsters (i.e., those who would prefer to remember why we're at war with whom and keep our civilization around for a few more years) is really fucking stupid.

(Conservatives will probably be picking up trash at our national monuments this weekend, anyway, after the big lefty-anarcho-commie-defeatist rallies scheduled for D.C. and beyond. For some reason, those who CARE!!1! can't be bothered to pick up after themselves if no one's watching to tell them how sensitive and caring they are.)

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