Thursday, October 11, 2007

Better send a note home to their mommies!

Peter at Texas Hold 'Em notes schools in Denver sending home notes with fat kids, telling their parents the kids are fat (I've never met a fat person who didn't know they were fat...didn't know they should wear shirts that cover their bellies when they leave the house, yes; didn't know they were fat, no...).

They're using the BMI, which is the old debunked height-weight chart disguised by a "calculator." It's touted as a "measure of body fat"--but there's no actual measurement of body fat, you just plug in your height and weight. It doesn't measure health or fitness, either. But it's good enough for government skrewls to use to label and stigmatize kids!

Using player bio information at and, I had a little fun with the calculator.

Brett Favre, at his listed stats, has a BMI of 28.5, which is on the high side of "overweight." Peyton and Eli Manning are both "overweight" at 27.5; Joseph Addai is pushing "obese" at 29.8; Ben Sheets isn’t far off at 29.0; and Prince Fielder’s 35.3 gets him packed off to a re-education camp.

The Prince does get thrown out a lot on double plays. But don't tell me any of those QBs are fat.

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