Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I like this...

Kyle-Anne Shiver at the American Thinker.

We Republican women are far, far too smart to fall for Hillary Clinton's ruse. We are not the mindless ninnies that vote with the Special-Interest Express. We think for ourselves and vote for the candidate of our choice based on merit. We cast our precious votes for the candidate we believe would be the best President, not the one with an "emotional" appeal aimed at our womanhood.
I'd love to vote for a woman for POTUS. Just not THAT woman. Even if some joker made her the Mary Louise Smith Chair at ISU...Smith was "socially liberal" for the 70s, but she wasn't a socialist.

When I attended Elizabeth Dole's Mary Louise Smith lecture in 1999, I was hoping she'd announce she was running. She didn't that day, but it was still exciting. Yeah, she was married to a Senator, but she had a long career in Washington and with the Red Cross. Certainly better qualifications than "was married to a President before buying a Senate seat in a state where she did not reside."

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