Thursday, October 25, 2007

That's a pretty bad ROI.

The guy who beat his sick dog to death with a baseball bat--said he didn't have the $50 or so for euthanasia and didn't bother to check the Humane Society for a reduced-price option--was charged with felony animal abuse. Bail $500; maximum sentence 3.5 years in prison and $10k fine. I'm sure he'll plead guilty to a lesser charge in return for probation. Still, could have saved himself some cash by not being an asshole.

No doubt you and I will get to pay for his defense lawyer, just like we pay for lawyers for all the scum who beat people to death.

Interestingly, was talking about this at lunch at work yesterday with a couple of guys who grew up on farms, who wondered why he didn't take the dog out back and shoot it. Merciful and cheap, and probably also illegal in Cudahy.

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The Asian Badger said...

"That's a pretty bad ROI".

Despite the stupidity of the dog-beater and the heinous act, the headline made me laugh.