Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Depressing start to the day

Chugach, one of the Kodiak bears at the Indy Zoo, was euthanized. He was near the end of an average bear's life and suffering from a debilitating joint disease, but it's sad anyway.

I have this great memory of a redneck flannel-clad moron taunting the Kodiaks to amuse his half-dozen mullet-haired brats; the bears stood up and I swear they were mentally measuring the the moat and the fence and working out a plan to teach the guy (and the tasty mullet morsels) a lesson. I think I was as disappointed as the bears when the moat was insurmountable and they left unscathed...

My other favorite Indy Zoo memory was the day the lions were enjoying a little oral sex. I'm not a pervert, it was just highly entertaining watching how the humans reacted.

*Limbaugh kid voice* "Mommy! Mommy! I wanna see the lions!"
*Mommy voice* "They're over in the--Timmy! We're going to look at the giraffes instead!!"
*kid* "Mooo-ooom!"
*Mom* "Giraffes! Now!"

Heh heh heh.

Further depressing: More than you ever wanted to know about Marvin Harrison's bursa sac.


Steve Burri said...

In Rush's 'New Castratie' voice: But, Mithter Limbaugh, you just don't understand...

Did you live in Indiana before living in Iowa? You seem to have strong connections to both.

I like the Colts for one reason... Tony Dungy. (Same reason that I despise the Buccaneers.)

HeatherRadish said...

Sort of. I grew up in Iowa, went to college at Valparaiso U in NW Indiana, and lived in Indy for two years before I went back to Iowa (which was dumb, but I won't dwell on it).

(I was born in Cook County, but I didn't have any say in that...)

I really admire Tony Dungy.