Friday, November 9, 2007

Why does this stuff always happen right before I go somewhere?

I avoid O'Hare on general principle (I like to get to my destination within 18 hours of my scheduled arrival time...yeah, I'm a prima donna) anyway.
CHICAGO — Nearly two dozen illegal immigrants were arrested Wednesday, accused of using fake security badges to work in critical areas of O'Hare International Airport, including the tarmac, authorities said.

Mexicans and Guatelmalans...this time. I imagine Yemenis and Pakistanis are laying low.
Mary Gurin, 36, of Carpentersville, and Norinye Benitez, 24, of Franklin Park, were each charged with one federal count of harboring illegal immigrants for gain

Wait...that's a crime?!? Can we get some enforcement?!?

Anyway. I managed to successfully avoid Florida for almost 10 years, but this weekend I'm going to a wedding in Panama City (3 p.m. Sunday--why do people hold weddings during football season? Such flagrant disrespect for their loved ones...). Ich trinke, Du trinkst, Wir trinken.

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