Sunday, November 4, 2007


Was checking if the "newspaper Iowa used to depend on" mentioned native-son Sage Rosenfels at all (when Seneca Wallace, California native, gets a start it's front-page news) and ran across this lovely article about a woman who had two children removed for abuse by age 20 and had the next two--she's 22--removed immediately after birth (disclaimer: my folks work at the hospital where the third baby was born and my dad routinely gets called away from family events to give a newborn their first check-up but he only tells funny stories about cute babies and happy parents). It's really challenging my beliefs about government intrusion into people's reproductive decisions; surely the best way to keep this woman from breaking babies' bones is to keep her from making more victims (of course, "decision" implies a level of cognition about reproduction this woman doesn't seem to have...).

I'd already read a NY Daily News story about an unmarried professional woman who conceived her son with purchased sperm.

Once more, I am struck by how horribly unfair the universe is. Stupid, STUPID worthless women have no trouble finding men to live with them and father multiple babies doomed to repeat their mother's life ("Jaidan Rai"?? Can you put that on a business card or a college application?!?); responsible educated women who support themselves get nothing...and whether or not they take the turkey baster into their own hands at the end of their fertility THEY get charged with ruining society.

And yeah, I'm thinking about myself.

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