Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You realize, of course, that THIS means WAR.

JammieWearingFool ruins my day.
A worldwide scarcity of malt and hops means price rises are on the way for German beer, both in Germany and in its principal export market, Italy, a national breweries leader warned Tuesday...

Speaking in the southern city of Nuremberg just before the November 14-16 beer trade fair Beviale, he said the world price of aromatic hops had doubled in the past two years and the price of brewers' barley had tripled.

World barley reserves had been run right down as world demand for grain soared, harvests contracted and pressure grew on farmers to grow for energy sales rather than food.

!*#&@ bleeding heads! Curse you, al-Gore!! Look what your lies hath wrought!!!

This is particularly devestating in the midst of rumors that Marvin Harrison's leg injury is more serious than disclosed and likely to end his career, and verification that Dwight Freeney's season is over. I need good beers to sustain me through the dark weeks months years ahead.

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