Wednesday, December 19, 2007

5 families, 31 kids, 0 fathers, 0 responsibility

Five families with 31 kids sign a public-housing lease agreeing they can be thrown out if someone commits a crime, then get evicted when some of the children are arrested for assault/robbery. That's a lot of kids.

I don't understand the "civil rights" claim, unless "free housing no matter what" has become a civil right. I've signed leases with similar clauses (there might be one in my current lease; I refuse to pay rent from prison so I don't really care if there is or not...). College students sign anti-drug clauses in leases and get evicted when their roommate gets busted dealing on the premises. People are free to rent somewhere that doesn't care about criminal activity, if that's what's important to them.

Claiming that such a clause "targets" blacks implies that blacks are incapable of NOT committing crime, which seems kinda racist to me. Well, "racist" as I learned about racism in 1980; in 2007 "racism" includes "expecting people to follow laws and obligations regardless of their skin color."

It's deeply sad that these children--at ages 14-16, clearly old enough to understand the consequences of their actions--decided they cared more about whatever psychological/financial gain they could get from robbing people than they cared about their mothers and siblings having a roof over their head (I suppose they thought they wouldn't get caught, or if they did get caught they could weasel out of it...). It's not fair to punish the younger children for the failures of their siblings and mothers...and it's not fair to incubate thugs at taxpayer expense, either.

I found it interesting that the rally was held in a church. I'm not sure why.

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