Sunday, December 30, 2007

Best summary of the NFL Network's live coverage evah

This is why 18to88 is my favorite Colts blog.
Collinsworth: But back to the topic, Bryant, how can you possibly say that this season was a success for the Patriots? After their impending playoff loss, they'll forever be remembered as the football version of the 2004 Yankees. This season will be a failure both for them and for me personally, as I'll have to talk about other teams during Super Bowl week, and quite frankly I stopped paying attention to anything other than Tom Brady's ass about 3 months ago.

Gumbel: I think you're missing the point Chris. The playoff loss will only put the Pats in a more historic light. They'll go down with the great Bears teams of the 1930s that also choked in the playoffs. Being remembered forever makes you great. This team will invariably be remembered, therefore it's been a great season. Does this turtleneck make me look fat? I don't want to be confused with my brother.

The most disturbing aspect of Gumbel's play-calling is his propensity to end every play with "Brady goes down in the arms of Wilkerson!" Eeeeeeew. That's just wrong.

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