Thursday, December 13, 2007

"The fourth quarter is Sage Time"

Whoever authorized the Texans to take the field in union suits should be banned from football for life.


Steve Burri said...

Of course Rosenfels had a good game. He handed off to Ron Dayne from Wisconsin and passed to Owen Daniels from Wisconsin.

Union suits... there's an image that I haven't thought of for a long time! But, I didn't see the traditional buttoned seat flap!

PCD said...

What's with the NFL and FUGLY uniforms?

Down here in Iowa, the Makoketa people are going nuts for Sage.

HeatherRadish said...

I thought the whole point of alternate home uniforms was to sell more jerseys and collectible merchandise, but the all-red has me questioning.

My HS played Makoqueta in the state football playoffs, back when Sage would have been in fourth or fifth grade. They ground us into a fine paste (don't blame me, I was in the band). Good times, good times.