Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Getting myself the presents I really want.

"We have replaced the divine right of kings with the divine right of self righteous groups."
--Newt Gingrinch

Divine right my fat ass!

Ordering a signed copy of Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism for myself, and a plain copy for my self-described "proud liberal" fruitcake best friend. I don't know if she'll read it--she had an actual panic attack when I told her the Nazis banned smoking in public to improve the health of the mothers and children of the master race--but it'll look nice on the shelf next to her Anne Rice S&M trilogy, which she once recommended and which I returned after the second chapter of the first book. Bleccch.

I'm going back and forth on buying myself a Kitchen Aid mixer. I've been making cakes and cookies with a wussy $10 WalMart hand mixer for the past 11 years; it's slow and painful, but it can be done. But it's always felt unjust--my sisters got beautiful huge mixers as wedding presents and they NEVER USE THEM. They collect dust in their kitchens. Anyway, I can afford to buy one this year. And then I'll be just as good as normal women (no, not really, but I'll be home baking and I won't notice).

But I'm not sure who's going to eat all those cakes and cookies, and there's nowhere to store a serious stand mixer in my crappy apartment kitchen. So I'll waffle for awhile.

I've got three days to myself. Other than going shopping to put together a box for someone serving in Iraq, I've got no plans. I haven't been to the Harley-Davidson factory yet, but they're closed for end-of-year maintenance...

Gotta find something to do besides sit here.

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