Saturday, December 15, 2007

Julia Carson...

I didn't like her politics, but I respect her hard work out of poverty and discrimination (her mother was an unwed teenager who cleaned rich folks' houses) to Congress. And I marvel at how she worked tirelessly to ensure others would have less incentive to work toward their own success.

In the "entertaining in a sick, predictable way", someone at DailyKos posted about it at 8:12 PST and by 8:15 PST someone was already commenting on the political ramifications of the special election to fill her seat for a few months. She hadn't cast a House vote since September; what's the rush?

And here's a quote from the Indy Star that made my jaw drop:
"I told somebody, she may be an African-American woman, but she reminds me of a redneck county judge when she works the room," President Bill Clinton once said.

He might be the only white guy in America who could say that without hearing from Al $harpton...

(When I lived in Indy, I lived in the northern sliver of the city that was in Dan Burton's Congressional district. One year the DNC challenger was a transvestite male prosititute. He got 7% of the vote.)

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