Thursday, December 27, 2007


Everytime I hear John Lennon's "Happy Xmas/War is Over" I want to punch a hippie. It's a reflex. The only retail holidaymas song that drives me more nuts is that Melissa Etheridge version of "Give Peace a Chance" they play at the Bayshore mall.

I went out today to get stuff for my box to Iraq. As I was buying car and sports magazines, I started to wonder what female soldiers like to read (I like sports magazines, but I'm not typical). Tried to make the rest of it gender-neutral, which was really hard. There's no gender-neutral shampoo; it's all fruity and and flowery, or studly-get-you-laid. I never noticed that before.

Target had Colts Blue flannel sheets on clearance. I'm pathological.


I've always wondered what this building was. It's a museum! How did it take me 18 months to learn this? There's a needlework exhibit!

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PCD said...


Throw in a lot of Blistex or other lip baum. The troop can use that stuff and gender doesn't matter.