Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sausages on Ice!!

I love this town.
The Milwaukee Brewers Racing Sausages will crack the ice with Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and other local figures Friday night, when the ice rink in Red Arrow Park opens for the 2007-'08 season.

Walker and his costumed accomplices from area sports teams will cut the ribbon opening the rink at 5 p.m., following a skating recital performed by the Greater Milwaukee Figure Skating Club.

I can't explain why I love the racing sausages so much (Bratwurst is still my #1, even after his pathetic 2007 season) because I don't really understand it myself.

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Amy said...

At our workshop this past summer, we had a participant from the UK who was absolutely FANATICAL about the Sausage Races...even though she'd never been to Wisconsin before. She tracked them online and had all sorts of online doings with other Sausage Race fans.

Like the Packers, the love for the running wieners is international.