Friday, December 28, 2007

Self-indulgent malignant narcissism

Bhutto Assassination a Painful Reminder that we are at War

Anyone reading this was probably already aware that we are at war, but I'm impressed by how many people I know--mourning Bhutto because she was a brave woman in an misogynist culture--who still refuse to acknowledge that the perps are part of a worldwide anti-Western movement.

My life is about 458% better than it was when I moved to Milwaukee (141% better than it was during the 2004 caucus, which I did not participate in), but it's driving me crazy that the upcoming election has serious repercussions for the fate of Western Civilization and I MOVED OUT OF IOWA AND CAN'T SUPPORT SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS WHAT'S GOING ON. !*&#(!

By the WI primary it should be all over but the cackling, and I don't look forward to choosing between "straight Communism" and "Communism with a slick coating of Jesus" in November.

(Wow, it feels really good to believe that the Fate Of The Planet hinges on something I did or didn't do. Don't worry, logically I know better, but I'm really starting to understand why people go nuts about global-warmingism. "If I take a shower today, the polar bears will die! I HAVE THE POWER!" Oooh, feels tingly.)


PCD said...


I am caucusing for Fred Thompson. Does that make you feel better?

In a different vein, I put a nomination for the worst Democrat of the Year over at Liberty Pundit.

Take a look and add your own. My nomination was not one of the candidates.

HeatherRadish said...

A little bit. Do you have a couple hundred friends to caucus with you?

(I'm mostly making fun of myself today. Mostly.)