Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This is just wrong.

NEW YORK — The New England Patriots’ shot at history Saturday night will be available to every television viewer in the country after months of wrangling.

I understand the NFL is trying to evade a congressional hearing, but I really don't see the need to simulcast on TWO broadcast channels. Totally screws over those of us who don't have cable and prefer not to watch thugs, cheaters, and sleazebags, thank you.

(That would be more convincing if I ever watched TV other than football...)

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., who had urged cable and NFL executives to settle the dispute, had a much more positive reaction to the league's announcement.

"I couldn't be more thrilled that as the Patriots rush toward an historic undefeated season, football fans everywhere have won a victory of their own," Kerry said. "With today's announcement, the NFL showed their loyalty to the sports fans who made the NFL an empire in the first place.

"The best news of all is that now no die-hard Pats fans will be shut out from watching their team take aim at football history," Kerry said in a statement.

I'm sure he voted against it before he voted for it; I'm also sure he has no idea the which team plays in the field bearing the name of the family who made all of his wife's money.

Are there any bars in Milwaukee without a TV? I need to be away from the internets on Saturday night.


The Badgerland Conservative said...

I figured the French-looking Sen. John F-ing Kerry — by the way, did you know he served in Vietnam? — would be in there somewhere. I'm surprised The Swimmer didn't surface as well.

We did get Senator Depends, Patrick "Leaky" Leahy and Sen. Arlen "Magic Bullet" Spector as well. What, did they run out of ways to undercut the war against the jihadists?

On a side note ....

"Who lives in an Oldsmobile under the sea? Sponge Ted Square Pants."

HeatherRadish said...

I figure they're looking out for their constituencies. No one cares about Islamofascism, but by Dog! football better be on TV or someone's gonna pay!