Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I had a friend out for the weekend, and while he hassled entertained der Dämonkater with toys on strings, I tried to get some action shots.

I am easily amused.

And if I don't post in the next few days, please send someone to look for the shredded remains of my body. The cat is never amused.

Random Aside: The cat's main name is FUZZ, which is short for "You Fuzzy Bastard." As you probably surmised, he chose that name for himself, rejecting "Reggie Miller", "Fred Hoiberg", and even "Ken Dilger" (when he moved in, I was saving "Marvin Harrison" for an actual firstborn). He is not named for Packer Fuzzy Thurston, who is the only Valpo alumnus to play in the NFL and who spoke at my graduation (I spent a lovely evening once around the turn of the century drinking with friends at his bar in Green Bay). But that would be a much better story, wouldn't it?

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Steve Burri said...

Good action photo.

We got one that looks just like that.