Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The safest place to be in this city is apparently "anywhere a (well-compensated) white guy was shot the night before." There were a lot of squad cars around 2nd and National on Saturday night, more than I've ever seen around North/Farwell Streets or West Allis. Uniformed officers even came into LaCage to tell people not to park on side streets. At the time, I was puzzled, because I hadn't read this:

The weekend murder of a Miller Brewing Co. executive in the Walker's Point area...slaying Saturday of Lodewikus "Vic" Milford, 43, Miller's director of compensation and benefits. Milford was shot during a robbery near S. 2nd and W. Walker streets about 1:10 a.m. after leaving a bar, Milwaukee police said.

Suddenly it all makes sense.

There's a lot of speculation about the "social contract" of armed robbery, but I'd bet money that when/if the suspects are apprehended and charged, we (by which I mean "prosecutors", because I'm sure this won't be reported) will learn that the murder was not part of the robbery itself but an afterthought of the "Die, fag!" variety. I arrived at this conclusion after a co-worker who'd been out with us Saturday said, "Took the wallet, then shot him? Sounds like they're covering up a hit." Possibly. But given that the bars in that neighborhood are openly gay-themed/friendly, and young Hispanic men are statistically intolerant of gays (and to gain an advantage in the relocation bit, Colorado would probably knock off an exec who directed facility management instead of an HR exec...), I think Occam's Razor favors my theory.

I'm not a fan of "hate crime" qualifiers and whatnot: you're just as dead regardless of motive. There are very few good reasons to shoot anyone in the head. But I'm more surprised no one has mentioned that this may be an anti-gay crime than I am that the news coverage has hidden the ethnicity/descriptions of the suspects. I guess Hispanic-ness rates higher than gay-ness on the local Victim Scale.

(Aside: Muslim-ness rates higher than gay-ness in Europe. I'm very tired of bullies being the "real victims".)

It's all very sad, either way.

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Amy said...

Yes, well, like Christians gays who are abused/assaulted do not go around blowing things up or beheading people.

Violence and bully tactics work. And the politically correct have handed violent Islam carte blanche to do whatever the hell they please to us.

As to the shooting of the Miller Exec, I was thinking the same thing. Such a tragedy. And an indicator that even if you cooperate with perps, they'll still blow you away. If only Mr. Milford had a gun...he could have sent that SOB (and whatever his motives were) packing. But, that's right, our government doesn't trust us to defend ourselves.