Friday, January 4, 2008

I knew this would happen.

The center-right half of the blogosphere reads like DailyKos today. Just replace "Rethuglikkkan" with some form of "corn-sucking snaggle-toothed inbred hillbilly" and they're exactly the same, right down to the f-words. Ignorance, bigotry, racism, self-congratulation...bleccch.

I realize "enlightened" suburban bigots aren't going to listen to anything I might say, but there are no "hillbillies" in Iowa. Remember the part of your rant where you go off about how flat it is?? No mountains = no hollers = no hillbillies. Dirt farmin' halfway up the side of a mountain ain't the same as busting prairie sod; the areas were settled by people with different cultures from different countries at different time periods.

I'm half hillbilly--well, my father prefers Appalachian-American--and trust me, southwestern Virginia and Iowa are two different worlds. Not that anyone who never leaves the interstate would notice!

And frankly, no one has ever explained to my satisfaction why I should be ashamed of an ancestry that worked, refused handouts, and despised government interference in their lives. I wish the Iowans running the corporate subsidized farms felt the same way...hell, I wish suburban soccer moms felt the same way.

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Anonymous said...

You aren't reading the right Republicans