Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I need a new best friend.

I got this e-mail this afternoon from Charleston:
Just shook hands with Uncle Willy.

M - Pleasure to see you again, sir. You're my fave prez of all time.
UW - Well, I hope that means you'll vote for my wife!
M - No sir. She scares the shit out of me. I'll be voting for Edwards on Sat.
UW - *head tossed back in laughter*
M - *leaves*


Kinda sounds like the Onion was right, though. They often are.


Steven said...

Edwards is less scary than Clinton? She strikes me as less divorced from reality; at least she doesn't spout hackneyed dualistic nonsense.

HeatherRadish said...

I think she likes Edwards' "steal from the ant and give to the grasshopper" rhetoric. She grew up very poor (teen mother, father left) and now feels she has some sort of obligation to "give back" to poor people. OK....but I can't figure out a) why she thinks it's best to "give" them money that isn't hers to give and b) why she doesn't realize that punishing people for working, innovating, investing and rewarding people for dysfunctional behaviors doesn't ameliorate poverty, it increases poverty.

I actually think Hillary is slightly less scary based on some of her Iraq war dissembling; she seems to realize that she'll never get her chance to finally implement Marxism right if the U.S. is defeated by an external enemy. If she can't destroy us, no one else can, dammit! :)