Sunday, January 20, 2008

Liberal Fascism II

Last night, instead of pecking at the refresh button every 7 seconds like a crack-addicted lab rat waiting for the SC returns, I went to bed early and read for hours.

The first thing that stands out is how wretchedly little I know, although that hasn't been a surprise for many years now. I had to start keeping a list of names to look up later. (One name I did recognize was Paul Douglas, Senator from Illinois, because he was instrumental in getting the Indiana Dunes set aside as a national park. Now how am I supposed to sit on the beach and relax without thinking of his admiration for Stalinism?)

The second thing that stands out is "Holy crap, if George Bush had actually done a tenth of the arresting, beating, silencing, fining, etc., of anti-war and other dissenters that the KosKids claim he has, he'd be about 1% as totalitarian as Wilson and FDR." Which I've noticed before, it was just jarring to see it all laid out together. (It's going to be interesting to see what happens if Hillary Clinton becomes POTUS and starts shutting down the kook left...)

In the chapters on Woodrow Wilson, I kept thinking, "Holy crap, he's an upscale Huckabee." Claiming he's doing the Lord's work, check; the government is the arm of God, check; big taxes to run big government, check; attempting to regulate family meals, check... Actually, I think I have that backwards; Huck would be trying to be a Wilson without the East Coast edjumacation and the ability to openly admire Bolshevism.

Also very interesting how Mussolini admired the American fascists and vice versa.

Finally, the eugenics and racism of Margaret Sanger/Planned Parenthood/their admiration of the Nazis/the Nazi admiration of the American left. Very little of that material was new to me. Especially after last week, when the news about the the U.S. abortion rate being the lowest since 1974 came out and the loudest reaction was "Oh noes! Brown women are having more babies--they must not have enough access to abortion clinics!" Heh. (Don't click that link, it's disgusting.)

I think there's more, but I feel kind of dumb today. And I have a lot to do before 5:30. Starting with disposing of the corpse who thought it would be cute to ask me what time the Colts play today.

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