Sunday, January 27, 2008

Something I don't understand.

How can a man who has three illegitimate grandchildren from three of his four children (and the mother of the youngest was thrown over for a woman who actively disparages the Church to the international press) be touted as an example and an expert of Catholic fatherhood? One kid flouts your moral values and you can chalk it up to free will; 75% of your kids flout your values and you have to start questioning the efficacy of your approach, not preaching to other men.

I particularly like the part where he talks about "the values he instilled in his son", which apparently didn't include marriage and family. I'm not all up on Catholic theology--my nephew was baptised Catholic so I'm picking up stuff--but I thought that stuff was important. It's important to Lutherans, too, which is why I can't spend a lot of time in church... *sigh*

Anyway. This strikes me as exactly like taking child-raising advice from Britney Spears' mother.

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