Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Today's xkcd


My closet full of X-Files toys action figures, books, clothes, DVDs, etc, and I are vaguely insulted.


Interestingly, my "proud Southern Democrat" best friend has decided to vote in the GOP primary there because the leading three DNC candidates seem identical under the surface. She likes Fred on immigration and she liked his health care bit of the debate Saturday (there was a debate? I was out...), she thinks Romney is a--I quote--"scary ultraconservative" and she's has latched onto Guliani because she thinks he'll use the government to keep her hurricane insurance premiums from rising. *shakes head* Scary ultraconservative??? ROMNEY?? I thought it was a punchline, but she was serious. Has he been running ads about abortion in SC? People usually throw around words like that to describe candidates who don't believe I should have to pay the doctor they hire to kill their baby...

I have a week to work on her... She says she watched Fred's "Message to Iowa" video, but if he was serious, he'd be running 30-second ads during American Idol telling her what he thinks government should do for her.

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