Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Useless bread-eaters" won't be allowed to eat in public in Mississippi...

...and Huckabee hasn't even won the nomination yet.
Lawmakers have proposed legislation that forbids restaurants and food establishments from serving food to anyone who is obese (as defined by the State). Under this bill, food establishments are to be monitored for compliance under the State Department of Health and violators will have their business permits revoked.

It's not a joke; the text is online, and it's a bipartisan fascism. The submitter is a Republican, a co-sponsor is a Demorcrat, and, most shameful of all, one of the co-sponsors is a fat Republican.

I like how the Junkfood Science blog illustrates the bit with a vintage photograph of a "Whites Only" restaurant sign, because it's an excellent analogy. And I wonder if "food establishments" is a clever way to make sure those worthless subhuman fatties (full disclosure: That would be me!) can't even buy GROCERIES. Getting turned away from a restaurant--not even allowed to order a freaking SALAD--will just send me straight into a pan of homemade brownies. How the FUCK is this going to benefit anybody except the bigotted assholes who don't want to see fat people in public?

Even Britain hasn't devolved to the point you need state approval to go out for dinner...although I bet they're taking notice.

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David Foster said...

This was still a parody when I wrote it...